My Approach to Modern Travel Planning

Do people still use travel agents?  It’s a question I get often and one I will happily address.  The resounding answer to this is YES, they do!  With the rise of people opting to plan their trips online some may think the use of a travel agent when planning their vacation is outdated or unnecessary.  They couldn’t be more wrong!  I work hard to change that perception and show the value my profession brings to the clients I serve.

Since the introduction of discount sites years ago, such as Expedia and Travelocity, many thought of travel agents as a declining profession.   Gone are the days of old school travel agents sitting behind their desks booking travel in a purely transactional manner.   In reality, the modern travel agent has their boots on the ground and is exploring exotic locations and properties on the regular and building relationships with suppliers and hoteliers to better provide their clients with destination insight, diverse experiences and peace of mind when booking their global travel.  These frequent travels and relationships benefit the savvy clients who seek out their services tremendously.  They are able to save valuable time and energy sifting through all the noise on the internet doing their own research, and they can be assured their precious investment will be planned perfectly as each item on their itinerary has been vetted and chosen with their interests in mind.  

Providing luxury travel services to Northeast Ohio

Clients come to me to tap into my travel experience and expertise.  As a travel advisor with Epperly Travel, I am one of the only Virtuoso travel advisors servicing the area.  My travel planning services are done in a consultative approach and each trip I plan is tailored to my distinct clients’s tastes.  My goal is to further introduce luxury travel to Northeast Ohio and beyond.  Specializing in designing custom dream-trips across the globe, I work with the most sought after 4 and 5 star properties and travel suppliers in the world as part of the esteemed Virtuoso Network (an elite, invitation-only consortium of the top 1% of travel providers in the world).  

For my clients this means access to the Virtuoso network’s many amenities it provides their clients such as room upgrades (when available), free breakfasts, resort credits and VIP treatment at truly distinguished properties, features unavailable to travelers who choose to book travel on their own.  It also provides them with a dedicated and connected person who has their back should they encounter any issues during their trip such as flight delays, cancellations, overbooking, etc.

With all the technology we have at our fingertips anyone can book a trip online.  That doesn’t mean you should though!  Where I add value is drawing upon my diverse travel expertise and leveraging my relationships with my global suppliers and properties to provide my clients access to fabulous perks while providing a truly unique and VIP experience.

To learn more about my planning process or to book a trip please visit here.

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