How you book your travel matters.

With the rise of people opting to plan their trips online some may think the use of a travel agent when planning their vacation is outdated or unnecessary.  I work hard to change that perception and show the value my profession brings to my clients.

Authentic experiences, personalized itineraries and travel perks 

Think of me as your modern day travel agent.  Gone are the days of old school travel agents sitting behind their desks booking travel in a purely transactional manner.   In reality, the modern travel agent is exploring exotic locations and properties on the regular.  As a result of these travels, we provide clients with destination insight, diverse experiences and peace of mind.  

My clients also have access to the Virtuoso network’s many amenities such as: room upgrades (when available), free breakfasts, resort credits and VIP treatment.  These features are unavailable to travelers who choose to book travel on their own. 

Unexpected issues can and often do arise during travel.  Rest assured, I have your back should you encounter any issues during your trip such as flight delays, cancellations, overbooking, etc.  

Connections and experience

Anyone can book a trip online. Where I add value is leveraging my relationships with my global suppliers and properties to provide my clients access to fabulous perks, while providing a truly unique and VIP experience.

Don’t just take my word for it, see why others are recommending the use of a Travel Advisor:

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